Need Help with MIDI Controller choice for Ableton Live use ?!?!?
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    Default Need Help with MIDI Controller choice for Ableton Live use ?!?!?

    So I'm starting to use Ableton Live 8 to produce music and I wanted to know what the best MIDI controller/keyboard is to use instead of having to use my keyboard and mouse ? I'm looking for something easy to use that has a good value and my budget is around $100. Anyone have any good ideas ??

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    For producing, stick with any MIDI keyboard you can afford that has knobs & faders. You can use those to write in automation details which I feel is the whole benefit of using a MIDI keyboard over the standard keyboard.

    I got my Alessis 25-key MIDI Keyboard for under $50. It does everything that I need it to do and my soft synths handle everything else in terms of actual sound synthesis and production.

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    I find the M-Audo midi keyboards to be rock-solid. The Hyper Control is really useful and saves you lots of time/frustration/hassle.

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