Audio 8 Problems Moving bpm
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    Default Audio 8 Problems Moving bpm

    Hi Guys Really need your help here you could save me pounds
    Im running 2x sl1200 1x pioneer Djm700 Traktor Latest version

    The problem is when using time code the right deck or left slurs from 121.00 bpm 122.00 bpm then goes back to its real bpm i don't use sync so this becomes a problem it happens every 10min iv'e tried changing drivers etc still having same problem not sure if its a fault with sound card or not every thing is working perfect except this please help really cant afford a audio 10 at the min .

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    sounds more like a problem with your tt´s. could be that they´re not running accurate.
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    Works fine with vinyl fella thanks for reply

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    Can you hear the difference? If it's just a little flutter up by less than 1% as you say, that could be hard to pick up without a real time BPM readout. When you say slurs, do you mean it slowly goes up then down again or it jumps? if it's slow, I'd blame the TT. How do your scopes look?
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    Are you using Absolute Mode?
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    If a track has a string or melody in it you can hear it, then i look at bpm on traktor deck and you can hear it and see it moving very quickly
    yes i'm in Absolute mode is that a problem ?

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