First, I write this review in portuguese for some friends, so i just put it in Google and translate it. Sorry if is not too good ok?

MC3000 tested, then follows the review:

I love it! Great answers, no latency, many cue points (eight) so you can just mark the whole song and make several "samples" and with this make good remixes.

Still have not used the part of samples, because i need some packages of samples (drums, guitars, beats, loops and etc) I accepted indications where i can download good ones.

The MC3000 is very beautiful, very sturdy and looks very professional.

The buttons are great, phenomenal response. You can use with samples and create beats with them.

The knobs are very good too, and the part of controlling the effects of the program was very interesting, with a knob to select the effect and the other three to control each part of the effect (like volume for example). Very good it. It could have a kill button next to the knobs hi mid low, but that's okay, it's always nicer to manually kill this knobs.

The sound output of the table are very good, and if you want to play at home hanging out at the pc, just set the program to two sound cards and the phone works perfectly on cue and output pc as master. Genial. It has a balanced output that gives a great sound quality and an unbalanced too. It has two auxiliary inputs that help a lot. If the program crashs you can switch to the external decks and continues with the music normaly. Also have a volume control for this two auxiliary inputs.

It also has a microphone for talking about something. You can record something live, or in your home. If you will only speak, the microphone also has a function "docking", a button that you push and it decreases the sound of the master output until you press again, so you can speak and be heard.

It is a dual channel controller, but can work with four decks. While alternating A and C on the left side and deck B and D on the right side. There are buttons alternate between both decks on the side just above the crossfader pitch as in the central part of the controller, next to the effects buttons, which helps a lot.

The JogWheels are very good, and has pressure control. Another cool thing is that you can always leave in Vinyl Mode if you want, because the Vinyl Mode (scratch) only occurs if you put your fingers on top of JogWheel, if you put your fingers on the side of Jog it remains a pitch bender normally. VERY good that. Outside that has traditional buttons + and - pitch bender which are also too good.

The crossfaders are all very tough and "hard" (that's a good thing) and are not "slip", only the central crossfader is softer for obvious reasons.

The control loop and auto loop has immediate response, You can do a lot of things with this tool.

To conclude, the Knob and the selection buttons on the center of the controller do you COMPLETELY get rid of the mouse and keyboard of the notebook, the notebook is just to play the music, you don't need touch the notebook for nothing, everything goes directly into the controller .

For me the cost/benefit of this controller is amazing.

The controller is perfect for me. Some people complain of the lack of internet in an output booth at the table, but i don't see it as a big problem, because with a box preamp you solve this easily ...

Rating 5/5 for her and congratulations to Denon! Hopefully I'll have money to buy a MC6000 one day, as if this certainly is worth a lot.