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    I check the forums nearly everyday to see new info and questions. I have never really seen anyone ever post about the kind of speakers they have or use for gigs. I just bought a pair of these with stands. After doing research they seem to suit my needs and are reasonably priced. Plus thier active loudspeakers so no need for amp. What kind of speakers do you guys have or use?


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    I'm thinking of getting those. How loud are they and what do you use to hook them up?
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    i still havent gotten them in the mail yet, but from the reviews ive read they are loud enough for >100 people or so given the venue. Plus you can daisy chain them with other speakers if needed for a larger venue. pretty portable at only 36lbs each. as far as hook up you get an xlr to rca cable and plug it right in to sound card or mixer. the cable you use just depends on the mixer or soundcard. since it has a built in amp, you just plug it in to wall and your gtg.

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    They seem like a really good deal for the price point. However, I watched a video interview w/ a tapco exec and he said they were designed by the same team responsible for mackie active speakers. Which can be good if he's talking about the old mackie italian actives; not the scary new chinese ones. Part of me is tempted; but honestly, the actives I've been looking at since i no longer have a pair of mackie srm-450s at my disposal is the QSC K12s. This is so tempting though... but must.... resist... must get K12s.
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    I'm considering the HK L.U.C.A.S SMART system in the future:

    I am tempted by some Mackies SRM-450's that i've seen on special but read everywhere that they aren't as solid as they used to be.
    Reason i'm considering the HK Lucas system is i've heard a larger version of the kit and it impressed the hell out of me (but i don't need them to go as loud nor do i have the cash) Also they have them setup in store where i can demo them with my own tunes.

    I think the most important thing is getting a listen in on something before you commit to purchase.
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