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Two completely different mixers that in my opinion should never be compared side by side.
Completely different....yes (analogue vs digital)

Not comparable.....don't agree

I own the 92(r) and tested the DB4 because I wanted one...
It's a great mixer but depending on what you are looking for, the 92 can not be beaten on:

- (analogue) sound
- 4 band eq
- filters
- price
- DIY maintenance

Since the DB4 is not TS certified (biggest drawback) not a big advantage there...
If you are an effect junky, then the DB4 is right up you alley, but you do pay a premium for that (and traktor has plenty).

So in the end, different strokes for different folks.
But to say these mixers are not compareble...nope, I don't agree
In fact the 92 is a great option to consider before spending the cash on a DB4.