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    I am thinking about buying a Macbook Pro 13" with 2 GB Ram and a Maschine to be my initial setup.
    I really want some different type of controlling instead of the usual Cdj's and a Mixer.
    I would like to know what u guys think of this setup. Is the Macbook Pro good enough? 2 GB Ram?
    What soundcard will I need to controll the four decks through Maschine since i'll do internal mixing?
    I do really not need the four decks but at least 3 because i want to mix 2 songs and use some samples created by me on maschine.

    Waiting for your opinions!

    Thank you!

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    well, maschine wouldn't be anywhere near the top of my list for djing. it's usually supplemented into a more traditional setup (ie a mixer and modular controllers or an all-in-one - see dubfire and richie hawtin) how are you going to control the eqs on all 4 decks? how are you going to control volume on all 4 decks? how are you going to control effects on all 4 decks? how are you going to control your loops on all 4 decks? it doesn't have any faders and it only has a handful of knobs and 16 main pads. i would never make that the center of my dj rig. you could probably get away with using a mixer and maschine if you are creative with mapping.

    plus you may want to research how well it works as a midi controller for traktor because i've seen several people on here and the ni forums complaining of issues. it's good to know what problems may occur in any gear you buy.
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    What he said. It'd be a bit like trying to eat a steak with just a spoon; possible, but by no means ideal.
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    Ditto. Using it as a midi controller... No bueno. Mine has drop outs in traktor, it just randomly stops working and NI has yet to solve the problem.

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    The midi drop outs are fixed for osx now. I run my maschine in midi mode with traktor all day as I test my app almost continuously. I agree its not the perfect traktor controller but if you map it how you like it will be fine. it has enough buttons and the rotary's are easier to re purpose than any mixer because the screens say what its gonna do. I think you should give it a go
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