Setup advice: Djm 2000 with Cdj 2000 or 1210's with DVS?
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    Default Setup advice: Djm 2000 with Cdj 2000 or 1210's with DVS?

    Right I'm really struggling to make my decision.
    I already own the Djm 2000 but now want to purchase either Cdj 2000's or some Technics.
    I learnt to Dj on 1210's then went on to own a pair of Cdj's which I absolutely loved. Never had timecoded vinyls though, so how would technics with traktor/serato face up to the Cdj's? At the moment the way I'm seeing it is I'd have all the capabilities of cdj's for less than half the price. What are the negatives,if any?
    Has anybody got this kind of setup with the djm 2000. Any feedback on how you find it works would be great. Also would you go serato or traktor? The only things I'd really use it for is loops and the waveform because the mixer has more than enough effects for me.
    Btw I mainly play deep house and techno so would'nt be doing any scratching really.
    Thanks guys

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    cdjs, if your playing that house music stuff. Open format or hip hop/electro etc would say go with 1200s
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    I'm with JesC on this one. Especially if you're playing deep house and techno the CDJ looping functions and all that will come in handy. Plus I feel like if you don't have to look or worry about the computer screen you're more engaged with the music and your crowd so that's a big plus.

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