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    Default Sound Card Requirements

    Hey I have a list of requirements I would like to meet for buying my first external sound card.
    Bit Depth 24-bits
    SNR 120 Db
    THD .001
    FR 10Hz-22 KHz
    SR 96 KHz

    Some more background info...
    I have an akai apc40 and I use abelton live I produce music as well as DJ.
    Please tell me any info you know about external soundcards below. If you know of an external soundcard that would suite my needs please post a link below. Thank you for all of the help.

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    do you want it for production or gigs... For the best of both, I recommend a focusrite saffire or Scarlett. The presonous FireWire ones are also amazing. I have owned and used interfaces from both companies. If its just live a native instruments audio series should work.

    and if you are rich and have money to throw away you can get a nice rackmount RME or motu, maybe blow off a life savings on a fancy SSL console lol... All depends on how serious you are and your needs.

    I am currently loving my saffire 6, works well with tablets too providing you use a powered USB hub and hack some cables together.

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