DJM 900 NEXUS VS DJM 2000 which to buy
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    Default DJM 900 NEXUS VS DJM 2000 which to buy

    i just need to know which is better and/or pros and cons.

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    Depends on what you are looking for?

    The 2000 basically has a EFX1000 built in. So it has better effects.

    The 900 Nexus has Traktor Scratch Certification, ans is cheaper than the 2000. When I was looking a few months ago, you could get a 900 Nexus and a RMX 1000 for the same price as the DJM 2000 Nexus though. So while you loose the XY FX pad, you gain a more advanced fx engine.

    Then I looked at the Allen & Heath DB2/DB4. Bought the DB4. Very happy with this purchase. Better sound quality, better built in fx. The input matrix is ingenious, the looper per channel (on DB4) is very useful. Not Scratch certified (but there are ways round that if thats important to you).

    But it's not considered "industry standard". So if you want to use the exact equipment you are likely to find in a club, you should go for the 900 Nexus. If that is not such a factor, then I would broaden my horizons if I were you. Go to your local DJ store and have a play around with ALL mixers in this price range before buying.
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