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    To cut to the chase. I've been using Traktor for about a year and a half and have got a bit tired of the same FX. I'm sure there's huge amounts of stuff I can do with the FX on traktor, but, I just wanted to freshen up my stuff. I recently setup my maschine in the midi fighter mapping, but of course that has limitations to changing the fx setup.

    I've looked at several external possibilities, including the kaossilator, but with my current setup, all my spare cash is being spent on hardware.

    I've got access to my g/f's iPad, and am really interested in Elephant Candy's LiveFX, but can't think of integrating this in my system.

    I guess I'm looking for a "Guitar iRig"-like way of getting fx into my setup.

    Any ideas?

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    Does anyone know if there is the possibility to use AmpliTube's guitar irig between an output and speakers/master mixer?

    If we could harness this, the potential of the ipad within dj setup would skyrocket.

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    you need a real mixer with a send and return to be able to use effects on each or all of the channels, also an analog mixer will help boost the signal returning from the ipad which is probably not loud enough for most club environments. If you want power though you should just hook ableton up to your DJ software and use effects in there.

    But please remember that djing isn't about how many effects you can put over the top of a song, it's about song selection and creating a good vibe.. nothing is more annoying than a dj that can't leave the effects alone for more than 30 seconds.
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    Yeah, I figured as much, I was kind of looking to escape paying anymore. I really like getting a groove, but effects, especially visually obvious ones tend to be an obvious connection with the audience.

    I was also thinking about the irig CORE MIDI dongle, hooked up to a mixer.

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