Maschine MK2 Mappings
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    Default Maschine MK2 Mappings

    While my maschine is used primarily for production, I have fun now and again toying around with some traktor mappings, particularly as a 4 deck controller for traktor in a CDJ setup. However, I've seen some awesome mappings for maschine that I'd love to integrate into my own sets. When I am playing gigs with an s4, id love to use the maschine as a midi fighter. I know there are some great mappings out there for the first generation of maschine, but can't seem to find any for the mkII. I know the mk2 is pretty fresh, but does anyone know if they exist yet? Or if they are in the works?

    I have been planning to buy an MFpro for awhile now, but couldn't justify it this holiday when DJTT announced something replacing the MF and would love to be able to use the mk2 in the meantime with a midi fighter setup

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    Czech out Beaubryte's mapping for the original Maschine and just make a template in control editor that mimics the original's midi notes.

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