Unsure what to do need help deciding... Please Help

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  • EAW

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  • Cerwin Vega Non - Powered

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  • Cerwin Vega Powered

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  • Yorkville Non Powered

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  • Yorkville Powered

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  • QSC KW Powered

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    Default Unsure what to do need help deciding... Please Help

    I like hard hitting nock you on your butt base, at the same time I love clarity.

    I used to have Custom EV Cabinets with Fane Compression drivers heavy monsters yes but they were great after that I have Cerwin Vegas folded horn subs and Cerwins dual cabinet 15’s with a mid and horn tweeter sounded great as well

    I am getting back into the mix after many years. I am going to use the sound for mobile applications yes but also I will be the resident DJ at a friend’s location and will be using my sound system as well. Money is no object at this point since I am using my sound he will be paying for half and we both know its going to cost us.

    I am so confused on what to do should I use Powered or Passive I don’t know. Yes I know the Pro’s and Cons and truthfully I don’t care about separate amps and weight I just want the sound to be hard hitting knock you on your butt base for when I need it and clear nice sound with respectful fun base at the wedding sand others parties I will be doing…

    I head the QSC KW in GC and the bass wasn’t there for me but keep in mind it was them controlling it and in there store so I don’t know how they would sound during club or mobile use.

    This is what I have narrowed it down to

    Cerwin Vega Non - Powered

    Cerwin Vega Powered

    QSC KW Powered

    Yorkville Powered

    Yorkville Non – Powered


    Other Suggestions please comment below

    I will be using a Traktor S4 & shure wirless mic’s

    Any help would be great thank you all for your advice and votes

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    If money is not an issue, EAW by leaps and bounds above anything else you mentioned. Anyone who says differently might be slightly off their rocker.

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