Numark Mixtrack Pro with Traktor Pro 2.6
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    Default Numark Mixtrack Pro with Traktor Pro 2.6

    Few months ago,I bought Numark Mixtrack Pro.Firstly,i was mixing with VDJ but then i started to use Traktor LE. After few week practicing on LE i bought Traktor PRO 2.NOW THIS IS MY PROBLEM,i uninstall LE and then i started to install Pro.I finished all installation a then when i click on icon from traktor, they ask my some question and im clicked yes and then traktor is opened in LE.After that,I was uninstalled Traktor and then i installed it again and i had a same problem.Can someone help me with this,to tell me what i need to do.I will be appreciate.

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    Try uninstalling again, download the demo of Traktor then add your registration from there. This should work.
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    Not sure exactly how LE works, but for Demo vs Pro vs Scratch Pro, the program itself is the same and the only difference is the Serial Number which is changed in Service Center.
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