Is the HP DV6 6C35DX Quad Core 1.6 sufficient to run Traktor 2.6
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    Default Is the HP DV6 6C35DX Quad Core 1.6 sufficient to run Traktor 2.6

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    Technically, no, but I think it will run. I ran 2.0 on a single core atom 1.6Ghz it just hated more than 3 effects and the analysis times were horrendous. ALSO, after looking at the specs on that laptop, it can go up to 2.5 Ghz per core with TURBO BOOOOOOOOST! I'd f ind some software to turn that limiter off, also might be a BIOS setting you can toggle.
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    Thank you for responding... though your knowledge and advice came the day after I bought it... it seems to be running well... analyzing the music rather quickly with few if any spikes in cpu meter while doing so... I will continue to tweek it for the lowest latency possible. I am running the Windows Optimizer Script and have a couple other tasks to add to it which are consuming pc processing power... though with a squeeky clean Window 7 install there isn't much here to bog it down with. I read that HP has disabled the Turbo Boost though I will check into that more due to only one source saying that.... I hope that is not the case. Thanks for your input my friend, be well.

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