Convergent technologies and it's impact on DJing
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    Default Convergent technologies and it's impact on DJing

    Writing an essay on digital technology and how it's taking over DJing.

    Was wondering if anyone has any useful links to articles or interviews about this that I could use, I'm trying to gather all the research I can at the moment.

    I've used a lot of articles from this site, but I was wondering if anyone had any other sources.

    At the moment I'm struggling to find sources to reference early convergence; movement from belt driven turntables to motors etc.

    If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.

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    I take it you have looked at Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, and The Record Players, both by bill Brewster and frank broughton? If you have, then I'm out I'm afraid!
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    Hope Greg Wilson and his reel 2 reels get a mention. Does Jimmy Saville get a mention too or will he now be deleted from DJ history also?
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