I'm selling my current soundcard, the M-Audio Connectiv. It's a little more than just a soundcard because you can use it with Torq as a DVS as well (assuming you have the control vinyls, or control CDs if on CDJs).

The reason I'm selling is because I have an IRQ problem with the card, and instead I'm going to try a non-USB card. In case you don't know, IRQ stands for interrupt request. Basically all devices are assigned an IRQ by Windows, which allows devices to use the CPU whenever needed. If multiple devices require use of the CPU at the same time, Windows is usually good with managing these situations and you won't notice any problems. However, when it comes to soundcards, where the sound never stops streaming - a conflict will obviously be noticed as a dropout/crackle/etc. What I'm trying to explain is, there's nothing wrong with the card itself.

Anyway I'd like to sell the card for about $225 USD. It's in pretty much perfect condition...I mean it just sits there So if you've been looking for one of these please let me know, or if you're looking for a soundcard in general, let me know as well and we'll figure out if the Connectiv would suit your needs.

In regards to the sale itself, I'd prefer to do it over eBay as that's the only thing I can think of where you (the buyer) would have some sense of security; Paypal only.