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    Default Touch osc Ableton Help!

    Hey Guys!

    i just bought a ipad as which i want to control Ableton with.
    i bought touch osc and installed livecontrol and it worked but only with the standard mapping...
    i want to make my own mappings... but it's like ableton is not getting any midi signal?
    what do i do?


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    Hello from norway fellow scandinavian...

    I dont know jack about Touch OSC, but there was an article on the main page

    hope it helps

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    If you go on the TouchOSC website, download the TouchOSC Editor, on the bottom under the downloads bar. From there change the layout size to iPad, if needed, then proceed by adding different objects by right clicking the black space representing your interface, but check the auto-map box if your using OSC. For MIDI choose the variable X or Z. X is the regular mode, and select control change. After, choose the channel and number (Number needs to be different for every object. For Ableton to receive the MIDI signals, you can use the TouchOSC Bridge, and select the input and output on the app as well in the Ableton preferences.
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