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    Default shipping turntables overseas

    not sure if this is the right subforum, but here goes...

    do you think a couple of turntables would survive being carried as excess baggage in the hold (possibly in flightcases since the original boxes have long since gone), or would shipping by freight in a packing case be a better alternative

    i'm thinking that the platter would need to be removed, or at least taped down so as not to spin round, but just worried that a) the temperature in the hold wouldn't be ideal and b) the baggage handlers would end up throwing the cases around regardless of the number of 'fragile' stickers...


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    Here are some links about how to prepare them for shipping. I think you'd be better off doing that than carrying as baggage due to the weight and the probability of mishandling by the baggage handlers. If you do bring them on the plane be sure to use a flight case; don't just stick them in a backpack (heh)....

    Oh yeah, just realized you said overseas - shipping will be costly, especially if you have to pay import taxes. Are you moving? You might want to consider how attached you are to this particular set of turntables and maybe just sell yours there and pick up a new (used) set of decks when you get to your destination.
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    I've never had issues with flight cases, just make sure you place a lock on's good to put something soft like foam under the tonearm for support just in case...the foam normally keeps the platter in place. I use my flight cases every week for a class I teach with no issues but don't want something like this to happen if shipping over seas

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    thanks for the input, chaps - still undecided whether or not to buy new / second hand set here (Canada) since they are quite costly. Need to work out some prices...


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    Default RE: shipping turntables overseas

    I'd rather not hand carry a table with me. You might want to check BRI air freight in Brisbane if you are sending parcels overseas. This is also a good time to gather some delivery costings for your most common package sizes and weights. But you have to take note that the international shipping rates will vary depending on your location and on the weight of your turntables.
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