logitec joystick mapping for controlling an effects knob
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    Default logitec joystick mapping for controlling an effects knob

    Hey Ladies and Gents, I have began a mapping for a Logitec Wingman flight joystick to use as an effects controller in traktor 2.6. The spot I am stuck with is how to/command I need to have to get the joystick to work as a peramiter knob. Any ideas on how I would get that to work?
    Thanks in advance...

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    Ok, I got that joystick sitch figured out... Sweet took a bit but no worries... Now I would like to set the trigger to launch/play Remix Deck A Slot 1... hopefully someone may have an idea for that one... lol....

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    Add in > Remix Deck > Slot Retrigger / button-hold
    Add in > Remix Deck > Slot Play Mode / button-direct / value - One Shot

    Make sure to map both to same button and set deck and slot assignments.

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    I used the first one with a condition added...
    Remix Deck>Slot Retrigger/button-hold>Condition-Slot State Remix Deck=Loaded... and then...
    Remix Deck>Stop/Delete/Load>Trigger>Slot.State.Playing...
    I will try your secondary plan and see how it goes... I am sure between the three I will find what works well. Thanks for replying... your ideas are very helpful. My Mapping is coming out Excellently!! Logitech Wingman Extreme Effects Controller!!

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