Beginner excercises with Traktor kontrol s2
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    Default Beginner excercises with Traktor kontrol s2


    So, i got myself a new traktor kontrol S2 about 3 days ago, and i've spent every waking second with it ever since. First 2 days i spent to set up the configs etc to test them that they suit me, and now i've been spinning through my dubstep/dnb/electrohouse collections like a boss.

    I took some extra time to get myself used to Traktor pro 2 and the kontrol S2, and now i got a decent understanding of what function does what and etc.

    I used to play vestax typhoon vith VDJ (yes i know, and i am happy i got away from it!), but everything is still so new and confusing, that i'm having a bit of hard time getting started.

    I have been going through A lot of Ean Golden's and shiftee's tutorials, and i am starting to think they must be some long lost gods of music, and am building an totem to honor all the effort they have gone through in order to help simpleminded people like me to learn the beauty of digital DJ'ing.

    Anyways, jokes aside, now i am looking for a list of excercises of stuff i should practice on daily basics. Beatmatching is not really a problem, but everything else really is.

    Could anyone point me out to already excisting article or help me out with this?

    I would need someone to point me out some few excercises regarding cue points/basic effects like echo/filters etc. Some really simple stuff i could start building on to get into this for good. (I do fool around with them a lot, but i cant build any consistency on what i'm doing, and sometimes it's hard to learn because i don't really know what i'm doing)

    Additionally, i have been looking at various mappings, and was wondering if it is a good idea to get some mappings done straight away, or just learn the vanilla kontrol S2 inside out before going further?

    Thanks in advance!

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    All I could really say is just keep doing what your doing, experiment with different effects and techniques and your mix's will start sounding better and better. It's really just a case of experience, no amount of tutorials or guides are going to help you as much as just playing through your music.
    Before you even start messing around with cue points or effects make sure that your understanding of musical structure and your EQ'ing is tight, then you can start messing around with all the bells and whistles.
    You'll find quite a few guides on effects techniques, but other than the advanced combinations in video's such as Ean's its mostly just common sense. I never really noticed my own progress until listening back to old mix's.

    What's most important is that you have fun and don't get frustrated!

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    Thanks for your reply, and sorry for being late with mine.

    I've been doing this exactly, and it is working. Thank you for great advice, my playing sounds so much better when i've left all the extra buttons (which i really still want to touch ) alone for now, and been focusing solely on basics!

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