Mapping questions for Mad Zach
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    Default Mapping questions for Mad Zach

    EDIT: Built a pitch shifter superknob device to shift from the base C1 that begins a midifighter's 1-octave range in an empty drum rack to 3 octaves below and 5 octaves above, to cover all notes in the drum rack's range minus the topmost 4 notes.

    If you would like a copy of the .adg midi effects rack file send me an email @ jwhitty

    I would hope that he reads this, although I don't know how likely that is.

    Regardless, perhaps someone else has an idea or solution to my question.

    I'm looking at my Midifighter Pro and wanting to use my rotary (beatmasher, but its applicable to all 3 really) to cycle up through a drum rack to have different one shots and loops all fit into a single rack for performance and be called up with a simple midi/macro-mapped twist of the knob.

    However, I would like this dialing up a new rack to be a shift function, and am wondering if there is perhaps a way (maybe with the use of a button on my BCR) to make this knob otherwise function as a filter sweep or some other effect while this shift key on the bcr is not on.

    Does anyone know if this would be possible, or am I better off finding another way to cycle between drum racks?
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