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    Hello all,

    Confused newcomer to this forum, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    By way of intro, I'm a keyboard player in a rock band and have a good understanding of music theory. I am also familiar with a 24 channel mixing desk and regularly do PA sessions for other bands.

    I want to get some software which does the following:

    Lets me compose with a variety of different sounds, both orchestral and more rock sounding.
    Lets me mix different sounds to build up layers of a band or composition, altering timing/keys as necessary
    Lets me plug my midi keyboard (Nord Electro 3 and Roland Alpha Juno 2) in and record directly from that
    Lets me record other instruments/voices, probably via a mic and interface box
    Lets me sequence tracks and loop tracks as necessary
    Allow playback via the computer's speakers or output via USB or possibly sound card with phono output (line level)


    Allow me to compose via musical notation (like Sibelius)
    Transcribe any composition/track to musical notation

    I'm not into DJ-ing at all and don't need that sort of functionality.

    I cannot see myself needing 100s of tracks or needing 1000s of different sounds

    So basically I want to have some fun with mixing/composition and be able to interface the keyboards as well as have a decent selection of sounds (perhaps using free VSTs??)

    So what would you recommend I have a look at?

    This would be installed on a Windows 7 PC

    Thanks in advance - Phil

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    Welcome to the forums!
    You might have a look at Fl studio:
    or maybe ableton:
    Fl got a nice demo too, but not ableton ( i think )
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    Ableton has a fully working 30 day demo.

    Only one I tried lately that had notation was Logic but it's OS X only.

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    There are plenty of DAW software packages out there. Sonar is the one ive used and has everything you would need. (It has the convert Midi notes to musical Notation capability, but of course wont be able top do this for pure audio) It also comes bundled with lots of Virtual Instruments and is very good as an all round Digital/midi recording solution. Its usually a toss up between that and Cubase for people who want a resonably priced Digital Audio/ midi solution.

    If your more into Midi and if your style is more electronic, then Reason has bundles of options all controllable via your keybard, but its mainly aimed at the electronic musician, although i believe the new version has more extensive audio options. (im using and old version) Ableton I beleive suits the Elctronic musician / remixer more than the more traditional minded musicians

    But look at the reviews and the product descriptions to make sure anything you get ticks all the boxes.
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    Ableton is great for live performances, Logic and Reason are more for producing, cant speak for fruityloops though, I havent used it in years. Reason is fantastic if you want to manually route your audio all over the place, through compressors, EQs, sidechains etc. I highly recommend it if you are looking for more of a producing feel. If you want to rock out live though, definitely check out Ableton live
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    If you want to try something for free have a look at Darkwave:

    Or Reaper:
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