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    Hi Guyz !

    I Just found a pair of used Denon DN-S1000 for a good price...any comments on these cd player ?

    Actually I would like to be comfortable on Pioneer CDJ; Am I losing my time and my money of those Denon ?

    They seem OK but are they somewhere close to behave like Pioneer players ?


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    They're not like Pioneers at all tbh; the whole "CD slipmat" thing felt a bit weird to me personally... Denons later models with the moving platters are much nicer. The closest cheap equivalent to Pioneers are the Gemini CDJs, like the 600 or even better the 700.

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    I had them several years back. I agree the cd slipmat thing is weird. Didn't like pitchbending with it. Come to think, i I never pitchbended with it (cant remember if they even can be used for that). Used the pitchbend buttons instead. All in all, they're ok but they won't feel like CDJs very much.
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