Sup people.

Right, tomorrow i am going to sync Ableton live 8 with TSP2 (watching Endo's youtube tutorial), and i was wondering, after i have done this, is it possible to somehow set one of my kontrol x1's to control ableton somehow, like trigger fx or to adjust plugin parameters?

I see dubfire and hawtin use this set up, and im assuming hawtin uses his kontrol x1 to control plugins/fx in ableton/traktor..

I'm not a whizz kid at all this, so not sure how to get it all running... Can I actually 'map' one of my X1's to control the knobs on plugins - in ableton?

I am using MBP, TSP2, Maschine(running as a live input in traktor), (traktor and maschine synced up), 2 kontrol X1's, 1 for 2 Traktor decks, and the other to apply traktor FX on maschine, so i have one complete half of an X1 thats not being used.

Of course with this, I would still want to have the use of most of my x1, for syncing, fx etc, so wouldn't want ableton to take up all the buttons on my X1..

If anyone could help, and/or post links to videos showing how to map an X! to control certain parts of ableton, and what exactly the X1 CAN actually control, i.e plugins etc.

Thanks a lot.