Another noobie broadcaster...
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    Default Another noobie broadcaster...

    I need a bit of help with my broadcast/live stream setup, I've been messing with it, and no such luck really.
    What is the easiest way to get at least 192kbps radio stream? What programs/what kind of audio routing?

    My setup:

    Traktor S2

    Windows 8 (64 bit)

    Traktor Pro 2

    I guess Icecast doesn't work with 64bit Windows (or at least I don't know how to make it work)
    I've tried some audio routing with JACK, but alas, I am a fail audio router.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    You should be able to Shoutcast/Icecast directly from Traktor, check the preferences window.

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    Traktor built in broacast utility will only work for icecast.

    For shoutcast, you can use Winamp + shoutcast DSP OR use BUTT. BUTT do icecast and shoutcast. Simple to use and also free


    edit: not sure If those work on win8, but they do on win7
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