Taking off faders and knobs on F1
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    Default Taking off faders and knobs on F1

    How do you take off the knobs and faders on the Kontrol F1 ? Can you just pull them off ? Or how do you do it ?

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    Just pull them off. Be careful not to bend the stems, though.

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    Yah man , just a nice even pull on each side and they should come up.
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    They slide off, just be gentle. Or, use your teeth
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    If they are really being a bitch, take a small piece of thicker paper and a small screwdriver and slide the piece of paper under the knob, then slide the small screw driver under the knob and the paper and gently lever the knob up until it moves. Once it's moved, then it will be easier to just pull up. This video demonstrates what I mean.

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    @durty english

    you could use a credit card, lifting the knobs off gently from every side around or you could use a tool which i think NI offers... not to sure if they sell it separately... actually, would be a nice little tool for DJTT to have in stock.

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    just pull them off. no skill or tools necessary
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    Put something protective around/under the knob , so you dont scratch the F1 , and take a knife and just wedge it under and pop it right off.

    I've found though once you take the knob off for the first time , they come off A LOT easier later which may or may not be a good thing
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    Some of mine were tight. I don't really like the prying method as that still puts lateral pressure on the stem.

    I found if you get some pliers and just very gently squeeze the knob in a few different places, that loosens it, then you pull it off normally. Basically what you are doing is flexing the plastic slightly so it loses that contact with the stem.

    Don't use the pliers to pull it off. Just give it a gentle squeeze around the knob to loosen it up. Use a cloth or something around the knob so you don't dig into it.

    I think that method puts the least amount of pressure on the mechanical part.

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