My entire Traktor Library corrupted!?
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    Default My entire Traktor Library corrupted!?

    Ahh, i've just opened up traktor and was about to have a mix, and i tried to load a track, and I got the red warning message

    "warning bla bla bla track could NOT be played dude to a missing or a corrupt file, unsupported format or DRM-protection"....

    It's doing it to every track in every playlist... Whats happened!? This has happened before but i think i had moved all of my itunes tracks around and i ended up just having to re-import my whole library again.

    I dont know why this has happened again, I can only think of is that i recenlty backed up my itunes library to an External HD... Via, MAC>user>music> and then dragged the ITUNES folder into my external HD, but would this cause this problem? Because I can still play my itunes music without problems..

    Do I need to go and clear/empty all of my Traktor playlist's and then import them all back into traktor again... or should i go though every track in each Traktor playlist and just 're-locate' each track, because i just tried re-locating a track, and it found the file on my macbook and it imported again and worked..


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    This is actually happening to me right now, too, Superfreak. Main hard drive failed a few days ago, but I figured I was fine, since all my tracks were on other drives, and I had backups of the necessary Traktor and ITunes files.

    I'll share what I've learned so far: you are right that this is going on because you moved your iTunes Library. Traktor, it turns out, is super finnicky with the tags written to your tracks. If the track tag says something different than what Traktor expects, it will give you the flashing red "DRM/Corrupted/Not Supported/Not Found" bar, even if it knows perfectly well where the file is.

    First thing to try is a Consistency Check. If Traktor tells you that X number of tracks are missing, use the Relocate option and direct it to your DJ drive. This would be a hell of a lot easier than relocating every individual track, as you suggested you were doing.

    Next option would be to re-analyze (Async). I'd try this on a limited basis first, ie one playlist. See if that works.

    I'm having mixed success with these two approaches so far. I've read in some other forums that people have had luck using various MP3 tagging programs, but I'm wary of that cause I have a big gig tonight.

    My approach at the moment is to drag all my tracks into an iTunes playlist, delete Traktor, then drag the iTunes list back and re-analyze. I'm hoping this will work.

    Good luck, and let me know if you figure it out.


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    Point traktor to the new .XML file where itunes is locates.
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    run a check consistency and see what are the results. It may happen some file are no longer located where they should be.
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