Why the Special Edition of the Vestax VCI-400?
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    Default Why the Special Edition of the Vestax VCI-400?

    I've learned on the Mac version of Algorridum djay 4. I have no controller and can use all that the software has to offer with my sound card, mouse and keyboard. After a lot of research, I've decided to go the Traktor route. I don't want a controller unless not having one will hold me back. As I'm getting into Traktor, I'm starting to see certain advantages. For some reason, even after playing around with them at Guitar Center, I don't like the S2 or S4. The VCI-400 is solid, very mappable, and seems reasonably priced as it is well over a year since its release.

    So, since this is the site that sells it, why should I get the special edition? It appears that there a few places offering it new, for a hundred dollars cheaper. I could get that, and grab the Ean Golden mappings for free, right? It looks cool, but as someone who refuses to buy a controller until I need one to advance what I can do, that's not gonna cut it.

    Also, now that its been out over a year, something better has to be on the horizon for Vestax, right? Also, I'm thinking that NI will have to strike back soon after the release of the DDJ-SX/Serato DJ package.

    Thank you ahead of time for responding and for taking the time to read this.

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    the mappings for the special edition won't fully work on the regular version. the ege edition has a special midi firmware.
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    Mr Squido:

    DO you have issues with the mapping as Traktor continues to update?

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    Mappings becomes outdated every time NI change or rename certain commands.

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