Need help with choosing speakers!
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    Default Need help with choosing speakers!

    I'm looking to buy some speakers for my bedroom, I don't know much about speakers so I'm hoping you guys can help me out a bit and give me some insight on what speakers would be relevant for me. (Budget around $800 maximum)
    I've been interested in the KRK Rokit 8 Studio Monitors, a lot of dance music producers swear by them, If I do decide to buy these, I will not be using them for mixing or anything along the lines of producing any type of music. I just want to use them for listening to music off my computer, is this a waste of money? buying speakers designed for mixing and not to sure if they will last long if I'm going to be blasting the cone for a bit. Am I better of getting something like a Logitech speaker system? the z906 edition or is that also a waste of money because I'm not to sure about the quality and all those little speakers you get with it.. or a pair of HI FI, Bookshelf speakers but with HI FI and Bookshelf speakers I don't know if they're good for Dance, EDM music.
    Can you use the KRK Rokit 8's just as computer speakers, I know there designed for mixing, so you can hear every little detail in your mix, would this just sound weird for regular music play? or am I better off getting something else?
    thanks heaps!

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    To be honest you'll get just as good sound out of a half decent old home hi-fi system and amp for what you need......

    But if you want monitors I'd highly recommend the Event BAS 20/20s, I much preferred them to them to the KRK8s, but speakers are a very personal choice, everyone hears something different.

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    I wouldn't say it is a waste of money, but you may not like listening to music through the Rokit's for extended periods. They can be a little fatiguing. That said I use my 8's in my bedroom for listening to music too. But I got them to mainly for production.


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