Help with S4 and Master Tempo and fader leakage
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    Default Help with S4 and Master Tempo and fader leakage

    Hi Everybody,

    I need a bit of help here, I've owned my s4 for about 3 years and on my Mac i'm running the original s4 software, why you may ask? Because with the upgrades of the Traktor software they "tweaked or removed" the echo function when you use the filter knob all the way to the left or right (the echo continues either way, with traktor 2 and on you dont get the continous echo) so that's me ranting about a feature i really like and thus sticking with the original s4 software on my macbook pro.
    Now on my to my issue, i left a friend use my s4 while i was present at a gig and he screwed up my sync.let me explain, the master bpm is set to 128 but if i load a track or even 4 tracks in the 90bpm range and i hit sync it syncs to the master whatever it's set to (128 at the moment).Can someone help in resolving this? I've never had this problem before and I'm not sure what buttons my friend pressed to "lock" that tempo in.I've tried pressing the "master" key on the s4, tried "shift and sync" nothing works.
    My second issue is a fader (a) moves up on its own when i drop it down (i dont like using the cross fader, but i've forced too with this bug). while mixing i bring the fader down and i see it on the software slowly rising, and i can still hear the other only fix right now is nudging the fader to the right a bit and it doesnt move up then.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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    The first problem you should be able to fix in the settings. There should be an option to chose between syncing to the master clock or deck.

    The second I have also been experiencing lately =(

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