Trap/Bass with Kanye West and ASAP Rocky Sampling
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    Default Trap/Bass with Kanye West and ASAP Rocky Sampling

    Im changin my complete studio gear this is probably the last track I struggle with buffer size and the cpu
    Hope you guys enjoy!

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    I like all the different elements but I am not so sure I like them all together. To me it seems almost like clashing (keys?) between certain elements. The idea is fantastic but the elements aren't enhancing each other. I think with a careful rework of notes used, and eq on frequencies you will have a great end product.

    The strength is the track goes places. Its not redundant or repetitive. It really goes places adn creates interest. Its banging right out of the gate.
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    Thanks man! Yeah I need to step up my reductive eq and get my scales in order im not the best in the keyboard
    I wasn't really sure about the mix I was trying to make everything big like kind of a hall reverb effect in the complete track
    I really appreciate the feedback really helpfull !

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