One of my Tunes at #5 on Beatport (Hip-Hop) !
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    Exclamation One of my Tunes at #5 on Beatport (Hip-Hop) !

    feeling super humbled by this.. did not expect this particular tune to be received as well as it has been ! any support is welcome !

    pretty crazy / /
    me on beatport / me on djtunes
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    Not my style in general but I can see why people are feeling it, your drum programming is tight. I can imagine hipsters dancing to this, lol. Congrats!
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    congrats bro. just curious, are you making any money off this? cause i've heard different producers say all their income comes form shows. beatport charting just lets them charge more for appearances, they don't really make much money off that.

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    Congrats! That's awesome! Great track too..... I can see why. Buying it!

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