haven't spotted this on the board so i thought i'd show my findings. firstly i'm running win7 64bit and i've been trying to get Itch to detect my vci-300 with little luck up to now. today i made sure i was running Itch 1.1 by downloading the latest update off the Itch site. I then tried itch with my vci-300 to find no change, however when i disconnect my vci-300 and reconnected it the 2 waveform bars and file info sections briefly appeared. I repeated the reconection process again but dragged an audio file on to the briefly appearing wavefome bar to find itch continued to show all the dj info on the bottom and full vci-300 control. so to sum up i've got Itch 1.1 on win7 64bit with my vci-300!

if this isn't something new then please ignore me but if it is then have fun.