Xone K2: Changing which button controls the layer latching....what would it take?
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    Default Xone K2: Changing which button controls the layer latching....what would it take?

    Super happy with my K2 now that its all mapped out for TP2.6 (no latching layers currently), but i've reached a point where I think I would like to maybe try mapping the K2 with some kind of layer latching.

    My only problem with this is that, it seems like a GIANT waste to dedicate such large buttons to the layer switching and shift buttons. Currently in my non latched setup they are (the layers switch and shift buttons) deck a/b play buttons and I would like to potentially keep it that way, while assigning the shift and layer buttons else where... have a pretty solid inkling that this is all firmware related as TP2 has nothing to do with these functions.

    So I was just wondering if anyone else had ever wished to do this or potentially has someone started to possibly work on firmware hack to change something like this. Any infos would be super appreciated.

    Side note: Use my K2 along with a nexus 900 (externally mixing and have a bit of the 900 midi mapped as well) as my travel setup, as most everywhere has a 900 now and if not bring an audio 2 for external mixing. Have it mapped out to completely replace my s4 for performances and just use my S4 (still love that big fucker) at home as a prep/practice/workin shit out rig.

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    A customized firmware is your only option, or some kind of dongle that intercepts messages like Bomes etc.

    Only way to use the layer button is with Layer buttons off.

    Wish I could help, but I use 4 decks, and the k2 for transport and effect controls only. Then a second layer to manage que points for each deck. I only use the large shift button on the right

    So without Bomes or hacking the firmware, I think you may be SOL

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