that is very lightly said. more like it's totaly F'd up.

The problem number one: back in older versions i used to have single button command to load a tune into preview player and command on a same key to trigger play of the preview player. It used to work in a desired way, so when i triggered that mapped key it would load the selected track and let it play. Now, the timing is off, i dont know, it produces various results everytime i press it. It loads a track and plays it, it loads a track and doesnt play it... on the same track. Should i somehow add something like "delay" atribute to the play funktion? ... ok, lets go on the more pressing matter

The problem number two: seek position absolutely doesnt work. now this is really a bug. i start up a traktor. select a tune, manage to load up and play it in a track. then i hit my key with mapped function to seek position (forward, course resolution ... it used to work before!) and the track proceeds to move forward in desired manner. i can this way jump into almost end of the track, after it hits end, or even if that track plays until the end on its own this thing happens. if i move the track to different position (with a mouse) and press this forward key - it just jumps exactly to the beggining. repeat, also to the beggining... weird right? how about i drop another tune? now it doesnt even seek position forward, it always jumps to the begining... i have to close a traktor and start it again... and consider this, i load a track A into preview player and seek about halfway through it. im satisfied and proceed to load up track B and when pressing seek position it starts from the halway through again and moves forward... by the third or so track i reach the end of track this way, and then it repeats the return to the begining bug..

yes... i used to use this funktion all the way since traktor dj studio 3.x.x and loved it. mapped it the same way, everytime... and now, it's broken... it worked through all traktor 1.x.x. versions it worked i think in traktor 2.1.x.. im not sure if i tried it in 2.5.x as i havent had this version for long.

please, can somebody help me? is this a known issue? do you have a workaround? i really like traktor preview to just organize my library at home (not using it in club), and would love to continue