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    Default Ipad GB size?

    I am getting a IPad 2, but not sure what gigabit i should get. I am a producer, and will be using both apps Touchable and Launchkey A LOT. I am not looking to spend my money on gigs I will not use. I have about 1,000 songs and gaining more rapidly, i don't use that many other apps, maybe about 5 other ones. Help me out?

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    Go with the highest amount you can get I suppose. Or just spring for an Air.

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    I'm still rocking a 16gb iPad 1, unless I have some massive game installed, never had any issues with space management. If you can afford it go for the 32gb version just to be certain.

    Both of the apps you mention are under 10mb each so you shouldn't worry about that at all.

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    I used to have an iPad3 32 G and it is enough space, I think. It was missing the cell module, so I sold it and upgrade to the iPad4/64/Cell. Now I'm happier that it's a 64 model, don't need a 128 for now.

    In between the two, I used an iPad2 16GB until the new model arrived - 16 is not enough storage for me and the screen on the 2nd gen does not give me the pleasure. I don't enjoy the non-retina display and I don't want it.

    So I would recommend minimum 32G, but also a Retina display. I got the 64 model now, mainly because it's double storage for a mare 100$/€ and I already have only 28G free just after a month of use. There are 16G (~2000) music, 3G family pictures, ~12G of software, movies for the kid and other data files.

    Note that the iPad4's CPU is 2x faster than the one in the 2/3 gen (still 2 & 3 work OK). If you'll be using Audiobus and chain different apps, than the new CPU on 4th gen will be well worth.

    Cellular module if you'll be using it outside is very nice. The hotspot from the phone didn't work great for me, and I need it online full time. Thought I can do without the 3G premium, but I missed it a lot.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW, I have great fun using the iPad with a VCI-400 controller and the DJPlayer app.

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