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    Default bpm detection clash

    I have been a serato user for years and was always happy with it but now I am thinking of switching to traktor and I have downloaded it and used it to build its own overviews (that what serato calls it) anyway, It has really messed up the detected bpms in serato overviews and they are way off.... what causes this and does anyone have traktor and serato running on the same system without this issue?

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    Open up the Traktor options and edit the bpm detection range so it is closer to your tunes tempo range to get more accurate BPM detection. relying on the BPM detection isnt recommended though, i personally recommend beatgriding all of your tunes (even if you are manually beat-matching) so all of the effects are on time and your loops drop perfectly.

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    beatgridding really is essential for the way traktor works!
    if you plan to beatgrid your tracks anyway and don't want traktor to mess up your serato-detected bpms, then i think theres a way you could turn traktor bpm detection off...
    you'll then keep your serato bpms and will only update them when you beatgrid your tracks (with beatgrids you're able to detect the bpms spot on).

    i hope i didn't talk crap on turning off detection in traktor, i remember it being possible, but i didn't touch the bpm thingies in traktor for a while... so please don't shoot me if it's not possible

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