Looking for feedback & criticism on this 30 minute mix
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    Default Looking for feedback & criticism on this 30 minute mix

    I've been bedroom DJing for ~2 months now. Looking for some feedback on this mix I did. I'm hoping to send a mix to some people in the next month or so to try and land a gig in a small bar or club.

    I'm aware that one or two of the transitions (i.e. one at 1:35) are a little bit of a trainwreck... other than that though I'm just looking for tips and feedback on what to improve on I guess. Mixed on a DJM850 & CDJ1000s.


    Thanks and xoxo.

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    Tracklist + proper embed = moar plays/feedback.
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    That was a really solid mix, and I was impressed by the technical qualities as well - well balanced and produced!

    However, I definitely second what Awesomer said; Tracklist + proper embed!
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