Weird things with my VCI-100
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    Default Weird things with my VCI-100

    Hi ppl,

    I bought a second hand VCI-100 for like 200 euro's and that really is a low price. But there are some things that concerns me :

    1. One jogwheel makes weird grinding sound when i turn it . Its like its sliding over something. Im not sure but i recorded the sound. Any idea's of this can be fixed , or how bad this problem is? The jog wheel itself works 100% in traktor pro. Sound here

    2. Everytime i load in a new track the pitch slider does nothing till i slide it back over the middle ( 0 point,). It needs te be done everytime before it response. Is this normal ??

    3. One volume slicer feels a bit sticky. When its not used for some times the first slide feels like its stuck (just a little tiny) but when its moved more its back to normal?? Maybe dirt ??Can i clean/fix it someway?

    Other then that the controller is working 100% and its no real big deal while mixing but im just wondering about these questions


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    Maybe the soft take over is engaged?


    Best thing is to replace it if cleaning does not help, you can look for the replacement part # on the vestax site


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    1. Had this exact problem with my vci when i first got it. Follow the instructions on this link ( and your jog wheels should be good as new! Also helps if you have stiff jog wheels

    Good Luck!

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    Open up the FAQ (theres a link in my signiture) then scroll all the way to the bottom until you get to the section dedicated to the VCI-100

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