Hi everybody, been browsing the forums for quite a while but this is my first post.

So I've been using the K2 as a 2 deck mixer and 2 fx bank controls, and it was a very simple setup, no latching layers.

I purchased an X1 today to use alongside with the k2. The k2 would act as 4 deck controller, and the x1 purely for fx controls. But my issue now is that everything has become a bit overwhelming, in terms of releasing fx, and low kills etc. I downloaded a few mappings for the k2, but it is very difficult device to map perfectly.

So my question is, does anyone have a similar, if not the exact same setup as me, and how are you guys using it. Simply put, the x1 is made to control decks A-B, in terms of FX, looping, beat jumping. But alongside the k2 which I'm using to control 4 decks it gets a bit complicated properly mapping looping controls and fx on off switches etc since the x1 is built to control 2 decks.

I'm using the internal mixer on traktor 2.6

Any feedback would be much appreciated.