[DARK TECHNO] Redrum - SET002
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    Default [DARK TECHNO] Redrum - SET002

    Just recorded a new demo I'd like to share with the technolovers out here!
    Share your thoughts!


    1. Shifted - Yearning
    2. Yan Cook - X02
    3. Psyk - DMT
    4. Octave - Rituals
    5. Tex-Rec - Amstrong Part 1 (Kid Mistik Remix)
    6. Chris Hope & Andre Walter - Pet Play (Niereich, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Remix)
    7. Nihad Tule & Lasseman - Craving
    8. Kid Mistik - Killer Is
    9. Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell - Structure
    10. Martyn feat. Spaceape - Is This Insanity (Ben Klock Remix)
    11. Reagen - Landmine
    12. DJ Boris - Foul Beats
    13. Gary Beck - Hopkin
    14. Robert Capuano - Antares
    15. Gary Beck - Before The Crash
    16. Motor feat. Douglas McCarthy - The Knife (Brian Sanhaji Remix)

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    Default Heres some dark techno for you too

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    Usually don't like to bump threads, but I'd really like to have your opinion/feedback on it .

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    I listened to your mix on my laptop speakers late on Sunday night. Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for the tracklist and download link!

    - Intro was pleasantly intro-y. Set the stage, I like it when a mix doesn't just start out all BANG BANG BANG full energy. Nice track selection throughout, consistent mood and transitions that made sense. A little samey-samey. Music to listen to and work to. Pretty deep. Girlfriend, who is also a DJ, liked it. Could use a bit more vocal/hook every few tracks to offset the deepness.

    - Mixing was mostly not noticable, which in this style of mixing is mostly what you're going for. Levels and etc. were good. Would have liked a bit more apparent EQ work and/or cutting/looping, given how minimal the music is.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Hi Awesomer,

    Thanks for the useful feedback and glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed the set!

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