Hey guys

So i just hooked up my Vestax vci 400 to Traktor 2 with Windows 7 as my operating system.

I downloaded the ASIO drivers for windows and the MIDI assign files off of Vestax.com and the mixer controls everything in Traktor perfectly.

But i can only get sound to come out of the speakers on my laptop. No sound will come out of the master out on the mixer so i cant use my headphones for mixing(FUck me right?). I have changed all the settings around on Traktors Audio setup, Output routing and Input routing and still my speakers wont play any sound.

I am hooked up to a Panasonic CD stereo system through the AUX, i bought a few adapters that finally plug into the mixer master out, (which are two quarter inch plugins) so its should work at least in mono!

Please Help