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    Hey guys,

    I'm just getting into DJing and I went down to Guitar Center to check out sound setups. The saleswoman/DJ I spoke to recommended the new K-series by QSC which, if you're unfamiliar are 1000W powered speakers (and subwoofer for the Ksub) weighing in at only 41lbs. What intrigues me is the lack of need for an amplifier (since each has one built in) and a mixer (since I can input my VCI-100 and mic into any one of them and then daisy chain 'em).

    Has anyone tried these out or heard anything about them? Their lack of size and weight and the fact that they eliminate the need to have some of that other equipment is very attractive. Let me know, and thanks in advance!


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    I haven't used the K series. But the older QSC hpr series were my overall favorites! They sounded much better than the JBL PRX series and handled abuse amazingly. When the qsc reps brought in a 3 way 15" cab to show off to us while working at Guitar Center, they literally thrown it off the back dock onto concrete below. The speaker was beaten all to hell and i felt bad for it. None the less, it still functioned wonderfully. Good stuff.
    Now on to the K series. The HPR series were built around the same toroidal transformer power amp from their RMX series amps. They also used a heavy mdf construction. So basically a wonderful but heavy speaker. The new K series are based around the mosfet PLX series amps which are much lighter and more efficient. The K series also use a plastic enclosure to save on weight and money. Also when registering the warranty will be upgraded to 6 years. After talking to all my old buddies at GC, they're pushing me to get a pair of K12s to replace/upgrade from the SRM-450s
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