Hello All!

I was looking for some guidance from experienced promoters and other DJ's for myself and a owner of a Club i've been working with. I know the owners of a Local Salsa/Latin club where i've been helping out for the past several months. The current owner dj's and i have been showing him been exposing him to the EDM/Trap scene and he is wanting to try and open the club another night to try and increase revenue and expand there crowds. The owner also owns a Miami style Tropical Cafe/Bar that closes early but is wanting to open it up as a club after the kitchen closes at 10PM as a smaller venue. The cafe holds 50-75 People as the Club is a 2 story venue that can house 150-250. We are wanting to start hosting a EDM/Trap or Miami style/top 40 type of scene. He really wants me to start playing these new nights at both locations if we can get them started and the right crowds to come out. Question is Which one to start with? Small Or big.

Any ideas? Suggestions on possible ways to go about introducing the new music or promoting the event?
Currently the Club is only open Friday and Saturday nights and plays mostly Latin/Salsa/Reggae music with the occasional cupid shuffle/wobble/pitbull style hip hop. They have already tried a Shag / Country Line dancing night but they only lasted a month as they didn't generate the numbers as expected. Both locations are located less then 5 miles from a active Military training base and the state's college university. The owner really feels that the type of stuff that I enjoy playing would bring in more revenue but we are trying hard to avoid the -21 age group to not have issues with possible underage drinking. There isn't really anything in the area that's already doing this type of thing and the owner is wanting to capitalize on the market.

Were looking for the 21-24+ to 30+ and thought I'de put the idea out there and see if anyone would be open to giving sum advice.

Thanks in advance!