Reloop Terminal Mix 4 vs Jockey 3?
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    Default Reloop Terminal Mix 4 vs Jockey 3?

    I've got a bit of a dilemma at the moment... I'm looking for a (slightly) more portable solution to lugging 2x Contours and an RMX-40 to most gigs, and so I'm looking at one of Reloops all-in-one controllers. Unfortunately, that means I have to decide between a controller designed for Traktor, or one designed for Serato.

    Choice 1: Terminal Mix 4.

    Choice 2: Jockey 3

    Now, they're both the same price so that isn't really an issue, and I'm a two-deck guy, so the 4-deck capability of the TM4 doesn't really mean much to me. What DOES worry me, however, is the fact that the overall layout of the TM4, while still quite similar to the Jockey 3, is very... Seratoish. I've never used SDJ, and therefore have no idea if it even comes close to the standard of Traktor 2.6.

    The Jockey 3 is basically two Reloop Contours stuck together with a mixing section and slightly better jogwheels, so everything would be familiar to me... the question is, for anyone who's used both, is: is Serato any good, and if not, is remapping the TM4 for Traktor going to give me a sub-par experience to the J3?

    On a slightly lighter note, I'd like to call this picture the "if my momma had wheels, she'd be a wagon."

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    I went through a similar dilemma recently but really wanted some external input options too as I still play vinyl alongside digital media. Pondered the terminal mix 4, xone 4d, S4, vci 400 etc etc. Decided to opt for the mc6000 in the end and very happy with my decision as it suits my needs perfectly.
    I was really tempted by the mix4 but it's a Serato controller and using Traktor would only leave you disappointed with the notable difference in jog response and general integration.
    After giving Itch a good bash with the Twitch I wasn't prepared to compromise inferior software (subjective) for tighter controller integration.
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    The Jockey 3 IMO is a great controller. Nice jogs, nice buttons (they're placed the plastic buttons from the Jockey 2 with nice rubber ones). And it can be used as a standalone mixer.
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    I THINK I've made a decision, although there's no telling whether or not I'll regret it until I've got the hardware in my hands, but I'm gonna get the TM4... reasons being:

    - The Jockey 3 looks amazing, but it just feels like a cut-down version of my current setup... if I need to go "all out" I can always pack up my suitcase with gear and take everything down.
    - The TM4 will at least give me the opportunity to TRY Serato and see what it's like... worst case scenario I can always remap it for Traktor or one of the others
    - I've heard some fantastic feedback for the TM4's jogwheels (although I've also heard the same about the J3)
    - The TM4 is technically "newer" than the J3, so hopefully its accessories won't be discontinued by the time I can afford them lol

    I'm waiting to hear back from DJ Angelo as I know he's used both pieces of gear quite extensively, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna bite the bullet and get the TM4. Plus, someone on here's selling one at a decent price, so that's a bonus :P

    Still, it's good to hear positive feedback on the J3, just in case I change my mind after using it and decide the TM4 isn't for me

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    The TM4 arrived this morning, and it's INCREDIBLE.

    I could talk about the jogwheels ALL day. No sticker drift, incredibly responsive, no lag... absolutely amazing.

    I gave Serato DJ a go but I'm not mad keen on it... happy with the way it feels on Traktor 2.6 though

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    Reloop really has a thing for red don't they. Red is annoying to my eyes for some reason. It's sad because I love their features, but they're products are kind of ugly to me. I know some would find that a dumb reason to not buy one, but that's just me. I truly want to like them more than I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synaptic Flow View Post
    Reloop really has a thing for red don't they. Red is annoying to my eyes for some reason. It's sad because I love their features, but they're products are kind of ugly to me. I know some would find that a dumb reason to not buy one, but that's just me. I truly want to like them more than I do.
    This is true lol. It kinda reminds me of Native Instruments' obsession with Orange. Still, I'm actually quite a fan of the red

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    Hows the TM4 working out MDC?

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    Absolutely fantastic. I still prefer my Contours for intricate FX work (as instead of knobs it has rotary encoders that can be pushed like buttons, which I use with Macro FX to reset to midpoint quickly) but the EQ section on the TM4 is fantastic, and the jogwheels are the best I've ever used, aside from the NS7's moving platters.

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    I recently opted for the TM4 as well. It arrives on Friday! I had an Kontrol S2 for about 6 months, then bought turntables and traktor scratch, but im moving to a smaller apartment and wont have room for em. Sold em and took a gamble on this controller for my home setup. Really glad to hear it works well with Traktor!!!!
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