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    Glad to see this thread has been revived.

    I got the app when it came out and was pretty stoked on it. If nothing else, it WAS one of the quickest ways to set cue points and beat grids... before they nixed the Dropbox sync support with Traktor Pro. It did have quite a few issues getting Dropbox sync right, and not losing data, but it seemed pretty stable before they nixed it.

    They're blaming Apple, saying it's an iOS issue, but that doesn't make sense to me; if you look, Dropbox support is still there in the iOS version... but, not the Desktop version of Traktor.

    When I first started using it, I was using an external sound interface, and I had too many sound dropouts to use it live. The click sound that happened when changing tempo was obnoxious. It could also benefit from tempo sync, added to it's beat sync playback mode; nudging the phase can make a big difference in sound quality (one option is to edit the beat grid on the fly, but that sucks).

    I'd love to continue using the app and see it developed and used in a professional environment, but it looks like it's being treated like a cheap toy, by Native Instruments... left in the dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skymakai View Post
    From what I've looked into, flash drives that connect to iPads only work with that flash drive's proprietary app; they don't work with other apps, until you've saved the content to the iPad's storage.
    I kinda thought that would be the case. But now Apple has just released that camera usb adapter

    Maybe that might be useful. It only mentions image and video files, but I'm going to get one and see what happens.
    I normally only play aif or wav files, and am dreaming of pulling stuff off my 256 gig patriot flash. Might end up pulling into ipad, then deleting from ipad on the fly when I start filling up it's storage.... Giant PIA, but it may work.
    The nightmare would be having to import into itunes from the flash. I'll post back into this thread once I get that new adapter, and find out what works or doesn't work.
    Thanks for the reply!

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    after buying Maschine ios and Traktor ios, i never made the mistake of buying Maschine 2 ios again, just saying... i vote with my wallet

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    I use it like this with an ipad or phone: 100% mobile


    Which sometimes leads to this:


    Or this:


    and this:


    It's a mobile app, take it out! It can't be beaten...
    Play the best set of the night, then disappear into the crowd like nothing happened...|

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