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    Default Traktor DJ iOS App

    Its out now, anyone tried it yet?
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    Default Traktor DJ for iPad is now available: first ever review !

    Here are a few facts after my first 30 minutes testing :

    - Great layout with vertical cross fader, visual waveform view and panels to show/hide FX, EQs, Grid editor and other options.
    - Excellent gesture comtrol of loops, cues, jumps and FX
    - Half a dozen FX available for now, controllable through a virtual touchpad (Beatslicer, Reverb, Flanger, Gate among them)
    - Very intuitive file browser (I would say even better than on laptop) with search and suggestions of songs that match the one playing
    - Automatic and fast beat/key detection (done in the background)
    - Very useful Grid Editor with sync capabilities to sync your laptop and your iPad through the cloud with a Dropbox account.
    - Excellent "Freeze" feature which allows you to perform like a slice FX but with full control by tapping with your fingers on the slices created on the waveform.
    - Built-in Mix Recorder.
    - Support for CoreAudio class compilant sound cards besides split-mode (see update)

    - Only split-mode available for now, no sound card support, (see update)
    - No MIDI support or DVS capabilities
    - Some audio glitches, especially when changing to another app.
    - Limited control over the pitch/key (it's all about grids and sync button, not for old paradigm djs)
    - Scratch on the waveform isn't very intuitive and doesn't sound very good.

    Looks quite stable and is very easy to use. Quite professional output for an iPad app. Works well on my iPad 2, except for the sound glitches when the app is in the background.

    Costs $20

    UPDATE: Does support CoreAudio class copilant sound cards, with Traktor Z2 through USB) and Vestax Spin 2 (through the dock cable so it charges too!). Doesn't work with an Audio 2 or Audio 8. No external mixer mode for now. Also tried Griffin iMic but will not be able to use the iPad's jack-out + the iMic's output simultaneously.
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    iOS6 or later. My first gen iPad doesn't make the cut. Oh well...

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    ah man and i switched to android

    guess i have to steal the wifey's ipad

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    anyone got a link ?
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    as per a post on NI's forum

    can't confirm myself as I don't and will never have iTune install in any of my computer

    and this one
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    just purchased & installed.

    1st problem. The "link dropbox account" button in settings doesn't seem to work. When I click on it, it opens the dropbox app, but then nothing happens. (white empty box, with the apple spinning/progress wheel in the middle)

    EDIT - ignore me. I shut it down & tried again, & it worked.


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    Bought and downloaded the app, hopefully there's a toggle for scratching on the waveform....will never use it.... a bit gimmicky IMO but i guess they cater to scratch DJs as well (gimmicky for scratch djs as well anyway!!!).

    Pretty cool.

    * Does it work with AIFF files (tagging etc)
    * How does the sync actually work (a bit scared i'm going to stuff up my Traktor collection
    * iTunes sync...
    * hopefully they upgrade it to be a bit of a controller app of some sort

    It's cool but ultimately a bit gimmicky, plus it's great that Traktor can do FLAC now but i may as well convert all of my FLAC to AIFF now, hopefully it doesn't only work with AAC/MP3s

    Here to testing....

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    for me the only reason to buy this would be the compatibility with kontrol S4

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekwipt View Post
    * How does the sync actually work (a bit scared i'm going to stuff up my Traktor collection
    Dropbox is used to sync your Traktor Collection metadata with the Tracks that you import to Traktor DJ.

    It works like this:
    1- Prep tracks in Traktor > Perform Metadata sync which writes to Dropbox.
    2- Import your tunes from iTunes into Traktor DJ.
    3 - Traktor DJ syncs with the Dropbox collection and imports all your beatgrids and hotcues etc and puts them on the corresponding tracks.

    TDJ checks Dropbox manually and automatically for changes.

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