(Serious) Complaints from upstairs neighbors
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    Default (Serious) Complaints from upstairs neighbors

    Hi all,

    I have quite an unusual situation going on. Although I don't like my music too loud, I have had several complaint letters deposited in front of my apartment's door from the upstairs neighbours "because of the bass in my tracks". As it turns out, my apartment is right beneath theirs and apparently, the bass coming from my apartment makes their floor wobble and every piece of furniture with it. I knew bass could travel through walls, but considering the volume at which I play my music, this was absolutely crazy to me. (I take their word for it, even though they seem like they would get pissed off just about anything they could...)

    I have tried looking for a solution, I got my two speaker tripods out of storage and tried to see if they would change anything to the problem, but I still received complaints after this. I tried moving the speaker's position, but no real change here either. Weirdly enough, for the 3 years I have been living here, I have received no complaint at all from any of my same-floor neighbours. This has only started since the two living right above have moved in.

    I am sure that my ceiling is very poorly isolated, but this situation is becoming quite tiring as I am now afraid to play music at home (even at a very moderate volume), just because it might piss the neighbours off. I have looked into several pieces of equipment, such as bass traps etc, but I get mixed opinions about their efficiency for the problem I am describing.

    Is there something I can do to diminish the bass travelling through my ceiling and into the upstairs neighbours apartment?

    Thank you very much.

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    Honestly it sounds like an issue with the neighbors bruv. Best thing to do is find out when they are not home. Go upstairs, knock on the door. Apologize and explain that you do music for a living and that you would like to know when it is best to work so that they are not bothered.
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    I would just EQ the low-end out of your music. It won't be close to as enjoyable, but it will solve your problem.
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    Default Some basic info

    I have built sound booties before and they are very effective but bass is always the issue. Since bass is the movement of air, changing the position of speakers won't really help. Bass traps and other foam wall treatments are not meant to be sound blocking, they are made to improve sound. When building a sound booth for example, it is common to use 2 sheets of 5/8 drywall with Green Glue in between. Often an identical wall is built around that wall to create a gap. I can go on and on about this.

    You could try this
    Combined with some in ear monitors, like the ones in DJTT store.

    I have a lot of advice to offer on this topic so let me know.

    There are also sound blankets you could use above you on a stand but anything you do will cost money to be effective. I have explored cheap ways to isolate sound, bass especially, and sadly I have not found any.
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    Have you tried ringing the neighbours and going there to see how bad it really is? Basically play a track at normal volume and check how audible it is to confirm wether it's a real issue or they are being assholes. Either way, this will allow you to find a volume sweetspot where you can still listen to music comfortably and don't annoy anyone. Don't really think EQing the low end will be an effective low term solution, you might as well play music from your laptop's speakers....

    Aside from that a Subpac would be a great solution like Joel suggested. It was pretty much designed with this in mind.

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    youre being pretty polite, in most states the law will only present a noise complaint between the hours of 10 pm and 10 am. if youre not full on blasting the music, and its in legal hours, id tell em to get stuffed and turn up the volume a little higher on oprah.

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    Yeah man sucks having music in a apartment I deal with the same thing. Just havent had any problems where I am now, but the other place same thing happend. Sounds like the people just dont want to hear anything. I would guess its not you so much maybe them. Start looking for a cheap house to rent thats the only thing that will really solve the problem. I miss having that music volume freedom.

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    Communication is key.

    I would invite them over for a meeting.

    Come up with a compromise. Maybe when they see your passion and equipment. They will understand your point of view.

    It's quite amazing what humans are capable of when you actually speak face to face.

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    Your neighbours should not have to put up with pounding bass from another department at any time of day.

    Its simply not considerate and a lot of people find the sound of a pounding kick drum very hostile.

    You dont need to play loud in an apartment unless you are an asshole. Go rent a rehearsal room and blast out to your hearts content.

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    This guy built a silent subwoofer that you stand on! Maybe that's something for you? Sounds like an awesome piece of gear actually.

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