Dj Setup - Opinions plz
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    Default Dj Setup - Opinions plz

    What do you tink Guys.

    It takes up less space than a S8 . Can you keep everything in a backpack. I use the D2 controllers separately with other mixers . If I please not use the xone k2 .
    Gives more way to use that.
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    K2 and a pair of X1mk2 is smaller again and gives you access to all 4 decks play/cue/hot-cue(4) buttons so there's no need to hit a "deck" button to start/stop/sample tracks on a third deck.

    Compared to the S8 though, yes it is smaller and will give you some decent flexibility.
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    I wonder how those S8/S5/D2 people deal with their laptop.

    Do they kinda hide it, or semi-close it on the corner?

    Or are there 2 tiny screens beside one much bigger screen showing even more redundant info?
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    I have an S4 (which I love for the 4 deck ease) but it is a bitch in tight booths, consider modular set ups you can take out and plug in on the fly or an s2, or get good at holding your controller in the air while switching over while playing that first track during switch over.

    IMO S8 is amazing bit of kit but not a take out setup. To big, too fancy. If you can't afford a beer to end up in it or get it stolen in the club or after stick to the cds or modular NI setups.

    Something that fits in a normal back pack is a bonus as it gets old walking home (or through a packed club) at 5am in sketchy town with what is obviously a dj bag full of kit... or always get a cab back (which is easier in some places than others)
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