NS6, Serato DJ, adding midi fighter 3D
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    Default NS6, Serato DJ, adding midi fighter 3D

    I just received the Serato DJ upgrade for my NS6. I have had a midi fighter since christmas waiting for the opportunity to add it my contoller. Now that this is possible... I have no clue how to do so. So frustrating! Any help would be appreciated. Cant find any mappings, no instructions with it. utter chaos.

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    Same, I have an NS7. Come on TechTools, don't ignore us help us out!

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    Default Still a problem

    Hi, guys I use a Numark Mixtrack Pro with Serato DJ and I just got the midifghter 3d. I haven't been able to find any mappings for it on djtechtools or anywhere else. Help!

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